Recruitment Obstacles

"According to a recent study conducted by global human resources consulting firm Robert Half 27% of Canadian workers feel their career has stalled since the start of the pandemic, and 43% are feeling burned out," according to Jared Lindzon. While these numbers are already discouraging, the survey also found that 28% want to leave their jobs altogether. These trends are a wake-up call for many employers to focus on employee retention.

John MacKinlay, chief executive officer of Caary Capital, swears by two strategies for decreasing overturn rates and strengthening employee retention practices. Both techniques are carried out in the first step of any HR operation, the recruitment process. The first one is giving candidates access to the company.

Step 1: Give Access to Candidates

"Candidates are given access to founders, their future direct reports, information, and other resources that they need to have a broad organizational view and to ensure this is the right fit for both parties," he shared with HRD Canada.

Step 2: Focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

The second aspect to focus on during recruitment is a decisive commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies. "Employees want to feel proud of the organization they work for, and that means acting on a progressive value set. The faces that make up your organization, how you foster inclusion and opportunity for all – particularly in a remote environment – are critical to retaining today's top talent," concludes John MacKinlay.

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