Recruitment Obstacles

"From manufacturing to marketing, transport to trade, employers cannot find the people they need with the right blend of technical skills and human strengths. Shifting demographics, including shrinking birth rates and the rise in early retirees, means talent is scarcer than ever before," according to Manpower Group.

To better understand why there's a talent shortage in Canada and how we can solve this issue, it's necessary to know the reasons behind this problem. According to Robert Half, 89% of hiring managers say it's challenging to find skilled professionals today. The four main reasons for this situation are:

  1. Job vacancies hover near a record high. There simply isn't enough skilled talent to go around.

  2. Inflation, the war in Europe, worries of a recession and other uncertainties continue to cause unease in the marketplace, but starting salaries are still trending upward, with workers pushing compensation expectations to new heights.

  3. Remote work, which began as a business necessity at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, is evolving into a recruitment and retention strategy.

  4. 53% of workers say they would quit rather than return to the office full-time. On average, they want to work remotely three days a week.

The same study identifies three main reasons workers plan to look for a new job. More than half (58%) of the people interviewed said they leave because of insufficient salary. In comparison, 37% of them say it's because of limited growth potential in their companies, and 33% admit it's because of no long-term remote work options.

"Quitting a job and finding a new one is easier than ever. With the growth in remote work, job seekers can locate opportunities in distant markets. 31% of workers are looking or planning to look for a new role. Hence, employers who don't offer competitive compensation and flexible work arrangements risk losing top talent. There's no point in hiring without strong retention," says a Robert Half recruiter.

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