It can be challenging for payroll professionals to clearly communicate payroll and taxed-related information to their employees. Even simple tax-related terms can be complex and difficult to understand, especially for people who are not trained in accounting or payroll or for new immigrants.

For this reason, The 17th Floor created an easy-to-read downloadable PDF for our members to share with their clients with straightforward tax information. This will help them understand the most basic concepts, such as how to fill out a tax form or calculate their net pay.

What’s Inside the 17th Floor Personal Taxes Kit?

First Steps

  • Get Your Social Insurance Number (SIN)

  • Fill Out the TD1 Form

  • Understanding Payroll Deductions

  • The T4 Slip Explained

  • My Account

Prepare to Do Your Taxes

  • Gather Your Personal Information

  • Get Your Information Slips

  • Proofs of Income Not Declared on the Slips

Doing Your Taxes

  • File Electronically

  • Use a Tax Preparation Service Provider

Important Dates

  • Know the Due Date for Filing

  • The Importance of the Payment Deadline

Did you find The 17th Floor’s Personal Taxes Kit helpful? Tell us in the comments section if you’d like other downloadable PDFs to share with your employee.


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