As we know, the minimum wage is the lowest amount of pay that employers are legally required to pay to their employees. The rate of minimum wage varies from province to province in Canada, and as of 2023, it ranges from $15.50 per hour in Ontario to $16 in Nunavut.

Since April 2022, the current federal minimum wage is $15.55, meaning that an employee should be paid at least the federal minimum wage, unless they work in an industry that is not federally regulated - then the provincial minimum wage applies to them. On the other hand, if the rate of the province or territory where the employee usually works is higher than the federal minimum wage, the employer must pay the higher minimum wage.

Consult the current and forthcoming general minimum wage rates in Canada with the table below.

Note: In most jurisdictions, these rates also apply to young workers, but you can consult more information about special rates for young workers here.

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