Leadership is a skill that is often cultivated over time, honed through experience, and refined through the challenges faced in the workplace. Managers who are responsible for leading and mentoring employees hold a critical role in achieving organizational success. However, what are these unique insights and strategies that make a great leader?

We asked the members of the 17th Floor to share what kind of leadership skills they have learned on the job. Their answers are valuable lessons that can only be learned through hands-on experience in the payroll and human resources field. Continue reading for their practical advice and inspiration to help you excel in your roles.

16 Payroll and HR Experts Outline the Crucial Skills of a Leader

The best leadership skill I learned is to trust your team and provide them with enough tools to help them grow.

Delegation, driving employee engagement, operational excellence, building trust, managing up.

Patience, patience, patience, and clear communication. Whether you are leading or partnering with others, patience and communication are key. Payroll is often dependent on the completion of tasks by others in order for you to move forward with your required tasks, and not everyone works at the same pace. You need to ensure you communicate clearly and timely to ensure there is no misunderstanding.

Praise and recognition of employees. Autonomy. Active Listening. Be Authentic.

I have learned that a leader builds up their team, encouraging and supporting them so they can do their best work and use the expertise they were hired for. Giving the team the autonomy to make certain decisions, relying on their expertise, cultivates an atmosphere of ownership, investment, and fulfillment. People will thrive in that environment. Their drive and contribution will shrivel up if they are micromanaged and controlled, having no input and feeling devalued.

Leading by example, listening skills, the ability to delegate, and, at times, just say 'no.'

The best leadership skill I learnt on the job was that you are only as good as your team, so your best leadership skill is to develop each team member and encourage them to come to you with any issues. One leader once told me, if you have a problem come to me right away, but always come with some suggested solutions. That open-door policy made me value that leader forever!

How to empower people to think for themselves when problem-solving. How to template repeatable processes. How to trust my intuition. How an effective mentor can really make a difference when scaling your career.

Patience. If one way of explaining something doesn't work, try another method. Always praise accomplishments. Always stay in touch daily, even if it's just 'hello,' How are you today? Try to put yourself in their shoes. Don't just make a request. Tell them why, and you'll get better buy-in. Never yell or lose your cool. Team work.

Communication, Problem-Solving, Emotional Intelligence, Integrity, Strategy, Delegation, Creativity.

Servant Leadership, leading by example.

Admit that every person is different and unique. Listen more and with heart. Be approachable and accessible.

Complexities of personalities and how to deal with them in different situations.

Communication. Conflict Resolution. Diplomacy. Motivation.

Based on my personal and recent HR experience, I have learned to be assertive in a positive and constructive manner.


Among all these leadership skills, which is the most fundamental for an influential and effective leader? Tell us in the comments section below.

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