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Almost half our waking hours are spent earning a living. For many people, a job provides more than just an income; it is a significant portion of their identity. It can determine their self-worth, their accomplishments, and successes. Managing stress in the workplace by holding a stress management workshop is so important.

Many Canadians experience an enormous amount of stress from their workplace. In fact, the Ontario Division of the Canadian Mental Health Association stated that almost half of Canadians reported feeling overwhelmed by their job. The Conference Board of Canada Canadians are feeling more stress than they did 10 years ago.

What Does Job Stress Feel Like?

Pessimism, dissatisfaction, lowered concentration, decreased motivation, accidents, absenteeism, and poor health are all symptoms of job stress. Lost wages, decreased productivity, and increased medical bills have a negative financial impact on the person, their family, company, and society as a whole. Managing job stress makes sense.

The top 6 sources of workplace stress tend to be:

  • job dissatisfaction

  • physical conditions

  • work overload or underload

  • scheduling

  • unclear demands or lack of control

  • job security

Simple strategies can be employed once the sources of stress have been clearly identified.

Matching appropriate and positive coping strategies to these sources can help to decrease the stress felt by the employee.

Coping strategies should help to decrease the effects of the particular source of stress, while additional techniques should be focused directly on personal well-being.

Beverly’s Hot Strategies For Managing Stress In The Workplace

An employee can best minimize job stress by utilizing a number of different kinds of strategies. These types of strategies could include ensuring ‘me’ time, eating well, adequate sleep, hobbies, exercise, and/or talking about difficult issues to a confidant.

As a leader, there are many opportunities to learn more about stress management and the ways that you can support your team. Consider hosting a live in-person or virtual stress management workshop with a qualified instructor who can lead you and your team through tailored resiliency strategies for your environment.

Remember, there is never a shortage of solutions, when pointed in the right direction.

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