Unlocking Potential: Helping Your Managers Become Leaders

Mon, Jul 24th 1:00PM EST

Learn how to turn managers into leaders with the expert Kevin Eikenberry!

  • Expert: Kevin Eikenberry
  • Kevin Eikenberry is the founder, owner and leader of The Kevin Eikenberry Group. Two-time best-selling author, speaker, consultant, trainer, and coach. He spends his days writing, speaking, coaching, consulting and training to help leaders make a bigger difference in the world around them.

    He is the author of 'The Long-Distance trilogy with 'The Long-Distance Leader', 'The Long-Distance Teammate', and most recently 'The Long-Distance Team', a proven and practical guide for leaders to consciously design teams, define and create their desired culture, and encourage and nurture employee engagement—all from a distance.

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