Lisa NistorLisa Nistor
Advocates Council

    The team here consists of:
    4 Payroll Analysts – process day to day employee changes for all employees and verify changes.
    2 Payroll Leads – process the semi-monthly pay for salary and hourly employees, complete ROEs, reporting for external and internal. Verification of employment. Process pay for board members. Assign work and manage analysts.
    1 Senior analyst – financial lead dealing with wcb, long term disability, claims on employee accounts due to overused benefits, costing, etc.
    Specialist, payroll – troubleshooting issues, testing of system changes, access requests, liason between payroll team and IT. Implement system and process changes.
    Manager, Payroll – deals with escalated issues/questions, verifies and approves changes, manages staff, works with other team members to ensure processes efficiency and regulations/CBAs are being followed.

    Team reports into the Director who oversees total rewards, comp, benefits and payroll in the HR area.

    Paying about 3700 employees + board of directors with 2 union agreements and out of scope. Lots of seasonal work/students.
    Payroll is processed in house.

    September 19, 2023 at 13:40