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    I have been working from home since August of 2023. (Very late to the party). We have flex work arrangement 3 days in office and 2 days at home. It would be nice to work from home all 5 days. working from home means less commute time, less struggle getting from point A to point B going to office and back home everyday – less money and time spent.
    I feel I work more at home since the computer is readily available to check emails and respond. Sometimes I can pick up something from the fridge and not buy something from outside – again less money and time spent.
    I get to get to work on time and get off work on time and be home “early” to do more than sit in traffic getting home. Work from home also means no competition in booking board rooms as we need quiet space for interviews and meetings.
    My work is fairly independent and there’s barely face-to-face interaction that our MS Teams can’t handle. I can have meetings all day, but with technology, this gets easier to just chat/video others within the organization. I could say I wish we could do 5 days of work from home.

    Our organization heavily relies on paper and pen still, so it’s not possible to offer wfh options for other departments.

    October 9, 2023 at 09:52