Linda ChapmanLinda Chapman
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    I have been using Easypay for one of my clients for over 20 years and I haven’t yet found anything that I would consider replacing it with. I have never run into a case where the software went down, there are updates whenever there is a change to government reporting but notification pops up that there is an update and it’s quick and easy to perform the update, support has always been there when I needed it which hasn’t been often. At this point I have over 700 employees’ records going back to the early 90’s (I was recently asked if I could go back and calculate the hours an employee had from his start date to retirement and I had it in minutes). I regularly do payroll for up to 100 employees in 3 provinces and 6 unions and it provides me with all of the information that I need for all my remittances. It has adapted as the years have gone by and I can easily upload my file to my bank for direct deposit and employees have a log-in to view their paystubs and T4’s. I have the ability to e-file T4’s and T4A’s and upload to ROE Web. An additional plus is that there is an annual fee of $399 the first year then $299/year after that for the software and I can add as many clients as I want.

    September 14, 2022 at 16:22