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    Hi Susan –
    Vacation entitlement is calculated annually – based on a percentage. It’s fairly straight-forward & Quickbooks Desktop w/Payroll can keep track of that.

    Under BC Employment Standards, BC Sick Pay is an “average day’s wages”: gross wages (less overtime) earned in the 30 calendar days prior to the sick day, divided by the number of days on which wages were earned in that same 30 days. EEs are entitled to 5 days per calendar year and they do not roll over from year to year. The Average Days Wages calculation is the same as what is required for Stat Pay in BC – which I have been doing via Excel spreadsheet for years.

    We are considering moving from QB. I was wondering if anyone with a similar employee base has found a P/R or H/R software which would track the n/30 calculation for the two items which require it. I presume it would mean that employee daily hours/earnings would need to be entered in real-time – perhaps through an employee timeclock portal, or as part of the P/R processing tasks.

    Thanks very much

    October 2, 2022 at 12:57