Do Medicare Advantage plans cover hearing aids?

  • paul watkinsspaul watkinss
    Member since Aug 2023

      My Grandparents are facing issues of hearing for so long and now are suggested for a surgery. Will Medicare Advantage plans help me hear my grandchildren again?

      August 3, 2023 at 13:02
    • Andrew 99Andrew 99
      Member since Aug 2023

        Some Medicare Advantage plans may offer coverage for hearing aids, but it is not a standard benefit. Coverage for hearing aids varies depending on the specific plan and the insurance company offering it.

        Basic hearing aids are more likely to be covered, while advanced or specialized hearing aids may have limited or no coverage. Beneficiaries should review the plan’s Summary of Benefits or contact the plan directly to inquire about hearing aid coverage, including any restrictions or limitations. It’s essential to understand the plan’s specific coverage details and any out-of-pocket costs associated with hearing aids under Medicare Advantage.

        August 17, 2023 at 04:27