Carrière dans la paie/RH

  • DanDan
    Community Manager

      Pourquoi avez-vous choisi de faire carrière dans le domaine de la paie ou des RH?

      juin 6, 2023 à 11:46
    • Tessa DueckTessa Dueck
      Membre depuis Sep 2023

        Why did I decide on a career in payroll and/or HR? The short answer is that it appeals to my interests and provides a foundation where I can apply my skills and gain fulfillment by a sense of contributing to society in general.

        However, HR is a field in which, “It depends.” Thus, it’s more than that simple response.

        For me, it was about focusing on career areas of greater interest within the business realm. I find that HR has a wide assortment of moving parts where I can hone my skills, yet there’s room for continual growth. Math has always been an activity I enjoy. Not to mention, I gravitate toward structure and compliance. Understanding HR only brings a greater understanding of the people-business balance. In the end, payroll solidifies this union.

        septembre 17, 2023 à 12:42
        • DanDan
          Community Manager

            Thank you for your answer, Tessa 😄

            septembre 18, 2023 à 09:25