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Sponsored by the National Payroll Institute

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The 17th Floor is a new online community designed specifically for Finance, HR & Payroll Professionals:





Chartered Accountant

Senior Accountant

Accounting Manager

Accounting Analyst

Accounting Assistant

Director of Financial Services

Finance Accounting Manager

Finance Specialist


Financial Analyst

Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Specialist

Human Resources Associate

Human Resources Administrator

Human Resources Assistant

Senior Payroll Specialist

Payroll Specialist

Payroll Officer

Payroll Manager

Payroll Clerk

Unlike LinkedIn, Facebook Groups, or Social Media Platforms, the 17th Floor is...
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An entire community solely dedicated to Payroll, HR, Accounting & Finance Professionals

Grow your personal brand, your career,
and your business

Fun and easy to use

Not about selling, but mentorship and peer-to-peer engagement

Leading voice and resource for Human Capital Management

It’s completely FREE

What are the Benefits for Me?

Peer to Peer Networking


Resources & Education

Fun & Entertainment

Advance your knowledge and business value through peer-to-peer networking.

Learn directly from your peers and industry experts.

Articles & tools to help you add more value to your business.

Industry-specific entertainment, contests, and diversions.

Exclusive Benefits

Members eligible for specialized gifts and access to industry events.

Education and networking to help advance your careers.

Career Advancement

Business Development

Add value to your business via strategic insights earned.


Connect with peers and industry insiders across Canada.